I’m James Wondrasek and I’m a freelance copywriter.

I’m the ring-in, the call-in, the go-to copywriter when you’re facing down a challenge, drawing a blank or just feel like trying a new writer.

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I write. I think about writing and what we do with it. I’ve done some different things and gathered a variety of skills, but it was always around the writing.

As you can tell from the photo below, I am not just forward looking, I am also a bit upward looking.


Deloitte · WWF · Subaru · Mastercard · BT · HSBC · Westpac · NAB · Macquarie · Telstra · NRMA · SBS · Origin Energy · News Corp · Fairfax · Fairfax Digital · NBN · Mcafee ·MIRVAC · Bresic Whitney · Ray White · Sanitarium · Veolia · SDN · Tourism Australia · Arts NSW · CSIRO · Climate Commission · Dept of Immigration and Citizenship · Australian Human Rights Commission · The Australia Institute


SUZANNE BOCCALATTE / DIRECTOR / BOCCALATTE :: James always gets it. Not just big picture but the details and connections as well. And then he’ll do whatever it takes to make the work exceptional.

MATT TAYLOR / DIRECTOR, NARRATIVE STRATEGY / DELOITTE CONSULTING :: James has a broad experience unravelling innovation across many verticals, to which he brings a deep literary knowledge - he can make the mentally nutritious utterly delicious. He is professional and proactive - unafraid to ask the big questions but always respectful of boundaries.

Re-branding and re-thinking

Hurst Constructions. Design by Traffic

A cred document for Hurst Constructions, completed with the brilliant team at Traffic. Some jobs are like putting together a puzzle where you have to supply a few of the pieces in order to complete the picture. I’ve got tons of pieces.

A better lifestyle and a richer life in 35 seconds

Wholicious Living for Sanitarium

The first of four videos for Sanitarium, completed with the good folk at Republic of Everyone. Clients always want to cram too much in too little space and I’m like a human shoehorn for ideas.

Artistic appeal

National Art School Web Site

Balancing inspiration, selling, and institutional requirements in a full site re-work led and designed by the very fine Boccalatte. You can please all of the stakeholders. Sometimes.

Better words for better homes

Bresic Whitney

Another Boccalatte collaboration. The client wanted their body copy to have some heart, some guts, and some soul, but not in that Frankenstein way. I gave their brief the Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon treatment.

Other writing

Words for Music for Films — short stories inspired by each track on Brian Eno’s classic album.

Pain-free time tracking for solo freelancers — because you're using a Mac, right? And online time trackers are terrible. So very terrible.

Rotonyms and rotindromes — visual homonyms of no practical use — typographical insights that come from staring too long at keyboards.

The Best Short Form Writing Tool Ever — if you were ever wondering how the sausage is made, here is a glimpse.

Still here?

Is it because you've been staring at your list of writers and making that face? Let’s make it a happy face.

Call me. +61425258490.

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